High School Musical JR.

Maria Bott

Sharpay Evans

I started performing at age 4 with Thompson School Of Dance and Performing Arts and have been a member of the competition team since 2016. I was a part of Team Cyprus in 2018 travelling to Barcelona to compete in the Dance World Cup as a soloist and group dancer and was part of the Greece ‘Has Got Talent’ group that made the Final in 2018. I won many top honors in my age categories for my singing and dancing solos and duets. I am currently studying all genres of dance alongside my Lamda drama and musical theatre classes. I've made my only second appearance in the Stage One Pantomime ‘The Uglies Revenge’ in December 2019 as part of the chorus and a dancer and I am excited to step out of my comfort zone of dance and take on a lead acting role in this performance.

Romy Azar

Stage manager

As A-Level Drama students, we are taught to perceive theatre in its different faces. Therefore, being a stage manager for Paphos Youth Theatre’s production of ‘High School Musical’ has been a new and exciting experience, where I was able to hone my skills as a problem solver, a planner, and an organizer, while having important responsibilities. I also had the opportunity to help the actors from a drama point of view, in order for them to achieve their best performance.

Greg Andreades

"Flashback" Troy Bolton

I am 15 years old. Love to spend my time on various different subjects such as music, singing and playing games and generally having fun. I was asked by my parents to participate in the show as I know they want me to develop my creative skills, so I took up the challenge!

Timofey Shalyapin

Jack Scott

I have been acting for 5 years in Drama. I'm in love with the Stage and singing, and computer games as all teens are. Participating in Paphos Youth Theatre, gives me more freedom. I love that we are always acting and I feel myself as part of something BIG! Each rehearsal bring me something new and Theatre brings diversity in my life.

Marcella Burgess

Gabriella Montez

I never thought I would be a member of the Paphos Youth Theatre. I never thought I would be in a show and I certainly never thought I would be in a musical but hey, life surprises you! I only just recently joined the Youth Theatre in September 2019, when Michelle suggested, I audition for this year’s production, however I also do drama once a week as part of the school curriculum. I can truly say acting has changed my life in these few months. High School Musical is my first production and I’m so grateful to have been given the role of Gabriella which has given me a lot more confidence, overall helping with my anxiety and shy character and further fueling my passion for acting. Being apart of this amazing family is more than I could have asked for and I’m starting to finally let go and just be in the moment.

Suzie Nguyen

Gabriella Montez

Drama hasn’t been a part of my life for long but it certainly has changed my life for the better. I joined Paphos Youth Theatre four years ago, when Michelle suggested, I come into the group since I was interested in performing arts. After my first year doing the production ‘Charleston’, I fell in love with drama and worked my way up to my role of Gabriella in this year’s production this year. Being apart of the Paphos Youth Theatre had shaped me into the person I am today, it has made me more confident and has also helped me with my GCSE Drama coursework these past two years. Being apart of an ensemble in this production has also been an amazing experience and I could never have asked for a better drama family.

Marilia Tavros

Stage manager

I've been a member of the Paphos Youth Theatre for 4 years and this time I've been given the opportunity to work with the backstage crew. As an A-level Drama student, I feel incredibly lucky to have been given this chance and I cannot wait to help in this special SHOW!

Daphnу Yioukka

Gabriella's Mom Liza Montez

I am 13 years old. I really enjoy Drama and dancing, and even want to become an Actor. I am happy to play the role of Miss Liza Montez in the Musical!

Eva Shomalistos

Sharpay Evans' click

I am 12, I like to dance, sing and act! I've been dancing for 10 years and I wanted to try something new and our Musical was the best opportunity! I am so excited to be a part of this amazing show!

Lida Kaplunova

Sharpay Evans' bestie

In this amazing production of High School Musical, I am playing Sharpay’s bestie.I love dancing, acting, singing and I am very passionate about everything I do. I can’t wait to get on that stage and nail that performance of ‘High School Musical!’

Marko Spyrou

Jack Scott

I am 14 years old and I have been in Drama for 5 years. I play Jack and Scott in our play with Timofey. This Musical and Drama as a whole has a big impact on me to express myself and have fun. This production namely is so important, because it is now the biggest one I have ever been a part of and this is the most personal as I connect with my character a lot.

ASP/ Alexander Polivar

Zeke Baylor

I am 12 years old and I'm at Paphos Youth Theatre already 3 years. My hobbies are: science, art and inventing. Drama is not just a place where you are making shows and all that stuff,, drama is a place where you can find new friends, achievements and new teachers. When I grow up, I'll become a famous actor and I'm going to play in the new SPIDERMAN film in Hollywood.

Georgia Chapman

Kelsi Nielsen

I am 14 and I am playing the part of Kelsi in the show. I enjoy basketball and biology in my everyday life. Also my hobbies are: Physics and long-distance running. Drama is my passion! I am happy to be the part of this Musical!

Vasilisa Vasilieva

Martha Cox

I am 12. I started Drama just 1 year ago and I like it because I decided to be an Actress. At the youth theatre, I have many friends. Come and see me in the show, you are welcomed!

Tasya Shalyapina

Drama student

I am 11 and I love to draw and sew, I love to play drums, but most of all I love to visit our Paphos Youth Theatre, because here time passes unnoticed and I got 2 more friends here)))


Chad Danforth

I am 14 and I am from the UK. I’ve been doing Drama at Paphos Youth Theatre since 5 years old. I love it because I make more friends and our lessons make me more confident in myself. In the future, I might continue Drama as a hobby or even as a career choice. I am so honoured to play Troy's best friend - Chad! Come see me!

Liam/Andi Gary Smith

Ryan Evans

I am 14 years old. I started Drama when I was 8. That time I was dreaming about becoming an actor in movies! But now I want to create my own drama in restaurants, when I become a Chef.

Nikol Ragsdale

Stage manager

Being a part of such a creative and innovative drama group has opened up new doors of understanding and perspective in the world of drama. The team helps one another to think outside the box and to find the best way to communicate the story to the audience. From the backstage viewpoint it has been an eye- opening experience to simply observe the many techniques that come into play as well as the planning. As a student it has helped to see the more technical side of a production and to see what skill goes into place in pulling the show together. Though it’s an exaggeration, the performers have put such an exuberant energy into their roles and to see the kids growing and maturing in drama as their creative outlet it helps one appreciate how much time and effort the kids give.The backstage crew has also put so much time and energy into really pulling everything together behind the scenes and the hard work and responsibility has really fuelled my love for theatre as everyone takes time to bring together a stunning performance.

Melina Demetriou

Taylor McKessie

I've been part of the Paphos Youth Theater for almost five years. The youth theatre introduced me to performing and gave me a passion for public speaking. I am extremely excited to play Taylor McKessie even though I’m nervous but nonetheless, I can’t wait for show night!

Marco Elverdal

Troy Bolton

Although drama is relatively new for me, I have always had an interest in it which is why I joined the Paphos Youth Theatre after I heard they were doing High School Musical. This is where I landed the role of Troy Bolton after being encouraged, as it would help me in my GCSE Drama course. The role has assisted me in growing as a person and help develop new skills and confidence. Being apart of the group and production has been a wonderful experience.



I am 11 years old and I moved to Cyprus 2 years ago. That time I started Drama as well. I am happy as drama is my passion and every single time I've enjoyed it - it gives me so much!!!

Liu Shihan/ Julia/ Luna

Kelsi Nielsen

I have been in the Youth Theatre for 3 years and have been in 3 shows; Gone With The Breeze, Alice@Wonderland and High School Musical. I enjoy acting because it’s fun to take on so many different characters and see how they react to various situations. I come from XiAn,China and have lived in Cyprus for almost 6 years. In my freetime, I like to read, to do photography and sing.

Zina Zhang

Drama student

I am 12 and I am playing the part of a Nerd, a drama kid and the teacher. I like reading books and k-pop (especially BTS). Happy to be a part of the project! Welcome!

Diwa Durani


I am 13 year old I play the role of krattnof one of the nerds. In my free time I like to dance and I really enjoy the theatre because we are working on a great show, the show also includes lots of dancing and singing witch is really exciting.

Milly Soares

Nerd in science

Hi everyone, my name is Milly Soares and I’ve just turned 9 years old. I am in Year 3 at Mesogi School. I started PYT in October 2019...and I Love it!! When I joined, the group had already started rehearsing for High School Musical. Although I was a bit nervous, particularly being the youngest, but they’re all so friendly and made me feel very happy welcome. I’m really looking forward to the show, although quite nervous again, but just want to say a huge thank you to everyone at PYT for making me feel like part of a big family. We hope to see you there!!

Kiana Yazelani

Drama student

I am 14 and I started these Drama lessons recently. I love playing instruments: I play piano, drums and a bit guitar. I also love to read. I knew little about drama before I started, I was sure it wasn’t something special... but when I came here to PYT, It changed my mind. Here I realised, I can do a lot!

Sophia Paraskevaides

Sharpay Evans

I am 15 years old. Love to dance, sing and Act!!! I have been to PYT for nearly 10! years and I really feel theatre as my second family. I enjoy it so much and I am so honoured to be in this Disney production playing Sharpay!!! Come and enjoy!

Katie Shapyrina

Miss Darbus

This is going to be my sixth show with the Paphos Youth Theatre. My first show was “Snow White”, and I’ve also been in “Charleston” and “Alice @ Wonderland”, among others. I’m also currently a GCSE Drama student in school. Drama has helped me develop my public speaking and confidence, and I’ve found an amazing group of friends who share my interests. Being a part of the production of “High School Musical” has given me the opportunity to test my theatrical limits and play with how I portray characters of different ages.

Eleni Mai Bott

Thompson dancer

I am 8 years old. I've been dancing since 2!!! and I am excited to play a cheerleader in this production! My main hobbies are: dancing, singing and tumbling.

Jasmine Kanakanti

Thompson dancer

I love dancing. I am very excited for this super fun show! I really like the kids that will perform with us! I have started dancing since I was 8 and I watched the movie earlier and it was amazing!

Maria Shomalistos

Thompson dancer

I am 9 years and I like to sing and dance very much! I am from Cyprus and I started to dance at age 4. I like the musical, because I now know many new people and that is exciting!

Scarlett Maybury

Thompson dancer

Born in 2007, I started to dance at the age of 3 in Dubai. When I moved to Cyprus in 2016, I joined the Thompson dance International Competition Team. Since then I represented Cyprus in the Dance World Cup Finals in Barcelona in 2018, I was a Greece Got a Talent 2018 finalist, I won the Directors' Choice award as the Most Outstanding Dancer in the National competitions in UK and I won many top honours and 1 places prizes in the competitions across Cyprus and England. I currently dance 6 days a week, training in all genres, including ballet, pointe work, street dance, modern, tap, contemporary as well as taking exams in drama, singing and musical theatre. I am very excited to be performing alongside my friends in the production of High School Musical.

Isabella Dorothy Smith

Thompson dancer

I am 9 and I like to sing, to dance and to play on my roller skates. I am from Cyprus originally. I started dancing at 2. Dance is my passion. I like to participate in HSM because I've met many new people and have spent time with my best friends.

Natalie Georgiou

Thompson dancer

I've been dancing in this school for 4 years and I love dancing really because it's fun and nice and also it allows me to express my feelings with no words!

Olivia Kanakanti

Thompson dancer

Isabella Amer

Thompson dancer

I am 12 years old and I started dancing since i was 9 years old at @thompsondance and have been loving it!
I am very proud to be a part of this fantastic show High School Musical!
It’s a very good experience for all of us!

Natasia Kleanthous

Thompson dancer

Sofia Lytvynenko

Thompson dancer

I am 12 years old and I am from Ukraine. I am a Thompson dancer, I've been dancing since I was 7 years. Love to take part in our High School Musical production because it helps me to learn how to work with the others and for sure this is a new experience of performing.

Liberty Thompson

Thompson dancer

I am 15 years old. I am a dancer training at Thompson School and I started dancing when I was 2. I was lucky enough to have won the National Champion Dancer in England in 2019 and be awarded a scholarship at Performers College and I am excited to start in September! I am so pleased to be a part of High School Musical because it has given me a new amazing performance experience!

Imogen Ward

Thompson dancer

I am 14 and I've been a dancer in Thompson School for 10 years! We got to the Final of the "Greece got a Talent 2019" and I was awarded UK National Champion Dancer last year and I received a scholarship at HGA Academy! I am so grateful to be a part of HSM family and it is a great experience for me! Welcome and enjoy the show!