High School Musical JR.

All students have a dream: they aspire to be stars. Our mission is to encourage their dreams by offering them a chance to audition for the role of a life time. The series of events in this production take place in a high school – a place that is very familiar and important for all our young participants. After all, they are the heroes of their  own lives. If we inspire at least one child to become an actor, then our mission is accomplished.

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Troy Bolton, a basketball player, and Gabriella Montes, an honours student, meet at a new year’s party. They share photos and phone numbers the same evening after celebrating the New Year together.

When the school year begins, it turns out that Gabriella has moved to the same school where Troy attends. Together, they decide to secretly audition for a school musical. Soon, this decision turns their world and their school upside down.

The Team

Michelle Tross Nonyelu


Natalie Thompson

Choreography Director

Melanie Ballard

Vocal Director

S Polivar Management


Silver Thespian Ltd

Marketing and Public Relations

Lise Constantinou Briggs

Acting Coach

Alex Pavlou

Dance Coach

Dave Mackay


Mike Lavey


Fiona Greavy


Simon Mesquita



One Dream


Four Cities


Seven Shows


Thirty Child Actors

Cyprus Change

Cyprus Change is a non-profit youth organisation based in Paphos. Our goal is to bring life to the island by increasing the number of world-class cultural, educational and recreational activities, thereby achieving an overall satisfaction of its residents, and resulting in an improvement in the quality of service.

High School Musical will be the 4th event that we will be producing.

Past events include:

Tribute to Frank Sinatra by Serge Polivar and Paphos Big Band
Date: May 14, 2018 Tickets Sold: 410 Status: Sold Out

Future of Paphos
Gathering of 150 active and caring idividuals with a united goal to change the city of Paphos
Date: March 22, 2019

Lunch at the Centre – Paphos Old Town
15 of the Town’s best restaurants prepared their special dishes offering these free of charge to all participants. The aim of this event was to put the town of Paphos on display and demonstrate the town’s uniqueness.
Date:June8, 2019

All big things start with a small idea. As a great dreamer and social activist, I decided to stage a musical. Gathered around a team of professionals, we are on our way to achieving our goal. This production is fully licensed, all copyrights from Disney are respected. We bought the license for 7 shows, which we plan to hold in the largest towns of Cyprus. The first show will be held on February 22 at the Markideio theatre in Paphos

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Production Team

Michelle Nonyelu

Theatre Director

Paphos Youth Theatre celebrates its 15th year. A producer of over 30 theatrical productions. Home to a highly experienced team of teachers, the Paphos Youth Theatre is a hub of creativity with engagements in film and theatre workshops. An institution that accredits it’s work through LAMDA examinations. A host to many talented and dynamic children, who recognise the value of theatre and the multiple skills gained by engaging in theatrical processes.

Natalie Thompson


Based in Kissonerga, Paphos, Thompson School of Dance and Performing Arts is a renowned school having many of its students represented in “Greece Got Talent Finalists 2018″ and “Dance World Cup Finals 2018″. An award-winning school offering a variety of classes for all ages including ballet, modern, tap dance, contemporary, acrobatics and gymnastics, musical theatre, drama, singing and cheerleading. Examinations are taken with ISTD, BBO Dance, LAMDA, with a successful100% pass rate.

Melanie Ballard

Music Teacher

Melanie Ballard holds a BA Hons as a singing and music teacher. She is also a performer and songwriter and has lived and worked in Cyprus for many years. She runs a local ladies choir that raises money for local charities, and she also features in shows and works with other musicians in bands and projects. Alongside her music degree she holds an Advanced Professional Diploma in singingteachingandiscurrentlystudyingtobeamusictherapist. Melanieruns herownweddingentertainmentcompanyandplayssaxandpiano. Shehasa passion for writing music and has won many songwriting awards

Marketing and Public Relations

Paul Lambis


SILVER THESPIAN, founded by Paul Lambis, is an independent theatre and lm production holding company in Cyprus. Based in Paphos, we have been creating theatre for many years and have a regional, national and international reputation for the development of rst class theatrical productions for the stage. As a company with several theatre and lm projects in various stages of production at any given time, SILVER THESPIAN establishes single, umbrella companies which would then create individual Special Purpose Entities (SPE’s) foreachofourprojects.

Thisallowsprojectstobedevelopedaswholly-owned or joint ventures. We offer clarity as to administration, control, and ownership. The company manages all aspects of publicity and advertising, which includes press-junkets, above- and below-the-line marketing, and assists with soliciting donations from patrons.

Successful Auditions

On September 22, we held a casting for High School Musical. We were impressed by the large numbers of talented children on the island of Cyprus, demonstrating excellent dance and vocal skills. More than 50 children took part in the casting eager to secure a part in the musical.

As a result, the jury, together with a panel of teachers, selected 30 of the most suitable children who will be a part of the show. With just under 4 months of rehearsals, we are ready to bring the coolest musical to the Cyprus stage.