Cyprus Change

Cyprus Change is a non-profit youth organisation based in Paphos. Our goal is to bring life to the island by increasing the number of world-class cultural, educational and recreational activities, thereby achieving an overall satisfaction of its residents, and resulting in an improvement in the quality of service.

High School Musical will be the 4th event that we will be producing.

Past events include:

Tribute to Frank Sinatra by Serge Polivar and Paphos Big Band
Date: May 14, 2018 Tickets Sold: 410 Status: Sold Out

Future of Paphos
Gathering of 150 active and caring idividuals with a united goal to change the city of Paphos
Date: March 22, 2019

Lunch at the Centre – Paphos Old Town
15 of the Town’s best restaurants prepared their special dishes offering these free of charge to all participants. The aim of this event was to put the town of Paphos on display and demonstrate the town’s uniqueness.
Date:June8, 2019

All big things start with a small idea. As a great dreamer and social activist, I decided to stage a musical. Gathered around a team of professionals, we are on our way to achieving our goal. This production is fully licensed, all copyrights from Disney are respected. We bought the license for 7 shows, which we plan to hold in the largest towns of Cyprus. The first show will be held on February 22 at the Markideio theatre in Paphos

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